Since 2008 Standupmedia has been providing solutions to venues with a need to promote, sell and track box-office and online ticketing for live event sales. Our list of venues is very impressive and we are trusted by some of the largest and most successful comedy clubs in the country. We provide individualized, custom solutions to fit your venue needs. Whether you are a part-time, online only venue, or a full-time, 5000 + seat theater, we are able to scale our system to match your requirements.

We charge on a tiered scale, that goes down depending on the volume of tickets you sell. Our system not only becomes a convenient and efficient box office and customer marketing tool for your customers and venue, but it also becomes a new revenue-generating profit center. We have clubs that make over $100K a year directly from our system, not including the ticket price. Bottom line... you get paid to use our system, browse our site, or CONTACT US and see what makes StandupMedia Simply the Best choice for all your ticketing needs and event marketing needs.

Systems and Services

Our systems work across many platforms and our websites are HTML5 responsive to be used on smart phones, tablets and desktops and allow you to sell to anyone, anytime. Our system captures and reports on every ticket sold and then we provide a custom eblast system to allow you to market to everyone using the criteria from the system. You can build lists inside the system using what comic they attended, when their Birthday is, to where they live. You can also restrict sending offers to customers with tickets already, eliminating that call that says "I want to cancel my full price tickets and use the offer I got through email" The perfect system to maximize attendance and profits.


  • Ticket Scanning
  • Email Marketing System
  • System Reports and Tracking
  • Free Phone Reservation
  • User Friendly