Why Us

Standupmedia was founded in May of 2008, and the system was developed from the step-by-step input from club owners, managers, ticket-booth employees, and a project architect that had experience in managing and marketing for clubs since 1988. This aspect thoughout the development phase gave us a distinctive perspective to build a system that had every detail of a club’s operation in mind and enabled us to create Standupmedia... (Simply the Best) ticketing and marketing system for comedy and entertainment events.

Standupmedia has three main components that seamlessly work together in perfect synchronization: Online sales and marketing from our database driven website, in-house ticketing system with a real in-house PC program to run your box-office, and remote ticket scanning for faster check-in. Lots of other companies say "no software to load," but the reason they say this, is because they don’t have one. It takes less the 5 minutes to load our software and having it on your computer makes it more stable and secure. We spent over two years building version 1 and have continually adapted and upgraded it for the last six years. We have from 150 seat clubs to some of the largest and most profitable clubs in the country.

Everything is database driven allowing you to create a show, take a reservation, add a promo, add a customer, or take a payment quicker than any system available. The system loads and stores all the information in all three systems simultaneously. Entries take less time, are more precise, and consistent throughout the system. Take a look around and see why our system will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. Contact us and let us know if you need any questions answered through the Contact Us link at the top of the site.